Product Description:

ODROID-M1S USB Expansion Board

The ODROID-M1S USB Expansion Board is an innovative add-on designed to enhance the functionality of the ODROID-M1S 14-pin expansion header connector. By utilizing the USB signal lines, this board enables seamless wireless connectivity through the built-in WiFi module housed within the case.

Key Features:

Enhanced Connectivity: The ODROID-M1S now benefits from wireless communication, eliminating the need for physical cables.

Expanded USB Ports: Addressing the limitation of USB ports on the M1S, this board provides additional connectivity options.

Versatile Compatibility: The compact design allows for embedding other small USB adapters, such as wireless keyboard/mouse USB dongles, directly into the case.

Upgrade your ODROID-M1S experience with this cutting-edge USB expansion board, streamlining connectivity and enhancing convenience. 

Important Handling Note: ODROID-M1S USB Expansion Board

  • When working with the SMD type 5-pin header socket connector on the Internal USB Board, exercise caution to prevent accidental bending. Avoid applying external force to the header pin socket when attaching or detaching USB devices.

    - Your attention to this detail ensures the longevity and reliability of your ODROID-M1S USB Expansion Board.

Internal USB Board Overview:

The Internal USB Board features a streamlined design, incorporating essential components for seamless functionality:

  1. 5-Pin Header Socket: Facilitates secure connections.
  2. USB 2.0 Host Connector: Enables efficient data transfer.
  3. USB Power Protection Circuit: Safeguards against power fluctuations.

This board ensures reliable performance within your system.

The WiFi Module 5BK is connected to the Internal USB board

Align it with Pin #1 as shown in the picture below and connect it to the M1S 14pin header

When viewed from above the board, it looks like the picture below

There is no internal interference, so it can be used with the top case assembled

Internal USB Board for M1S [100010]

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